Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

Using shared transportation instead of our own cars to commute.

Place Komatsu-shi
Period 2020/2/20 ~ (Weekdays only)
Time Departure time, departure time

Vehicle 3 jumbo vehicles
Passenger Komatsu Branch Employee
Fare -

Reasons for adopting SAVS and requests upon the introduction

"In regional hub cities, one of the issues of regional transportation is a chronic traffic jam in urban centers partially because the number of commuters who use their own cars remains at high levels. Besides, companies that adopt "commuting with my own car" system have various challenges, including management of their staff's safety, loss of workforce in case of an accident, legal and reputational risks. Staff is also concerned about causing an accident and mentally and physically fatigued. As "shared commute" is socially expected as a measure to solve these issues, we decided to consider the introduction of SAVS service.

Things they realized by implementing SAVS after conducting verification tests

"Before starting the shared transportation operation, we researched commute-pattern of our staff and analyzed their behavior by each weekday, such as commuting time and shopping on their way back to their home, so that we can calculate the number of vehicles necessary by using SAVS simulation. We were able to confirm that, if all the staff members stop commuting with their own cars and use shared taxis dispatched according to SAVS's plan, we can decrease the number of vehicles by more than 70% without significantly increasing our staff's commuting time. We expect that we can make significant contributions to society in relieving traffic congestion in the mornings and evenings, reducing CO2, decreasing an accident rate, and so on through the proliferation of this model".