Services and Products

Public transportation, tourism, transportation to and from medical facilities and business facilities, school buses, shipping etc.: the optimization of travel transportation in all kinds of services is supported by AI. We invite you to use SAVS to realize economical, safe and stable transport and improve the quality of services involved with mobility.

01Ride-share taxi
02On-demand bus
03Transportation to and from facilities/workplaces
04Taxi dispatch calculation
05Distribution/home delivery/consolidated shipping

service 01

Ride-share taxi taxi

We provide door-to-door ride-share transportation that complies with purpose. Ride-share taxis can be used in various usage scenarios, such as last-mile transportation in MaaS, for tourism or as transportation to commercial facilities, as daily transportation aimed towards the elderly, and so on.

service 02

On-demand bus

In place of operation of fixed-time fixed-route buses and commuter buses, this can be used as a ‘just-in-time’ communal-ride bus operation service, which is on-demand and has no route maps or timetables.

service 03

Transportation to and from facilities/workplaces

We create to-and-from transportation plans for travel from multiple locations to a single location, from a single location to multiple locations, and from multiple locations to multiple locations. We can calculate the optimum number of vehicles (minimum number of vehicles) and running route in accordance with the quantity of travel demands collected before-hand. This can be used in the creation of plans for round-trip transportation from airports or bullet-train stations, optimum dispatch of vehicles for transportation to and from facilities, or for transportation of workers in the morning and evening.

service 04

Taxi dispatch calculation

Based on dispatch bookings up to the previous day, a taxi pick-up/drop-off plan is created. This service realizes maximum efficiency with the minimum number of vehicles.

service 05

Distribution/home delivery/cargo and passenger consolidation

can be used for not only transportation of people, but also movement of things. This service creates distribution transportation plans for cargo collection, shipping etc. and also calculates delivery vehicles in real-time for unexpected deliveries, such as re-deliveries. This enables efficient management of goods desired for same-day delivery, such as food products and ingredients, and daily essentials. In addition, this can be applied to combined cargo and passenger consolidation services, e.g. when a vehicle carrying passengers picks up goods, or when a distribution vehicle transporting goods picks up passengers. This service can also be applied to real-time ridesharing vehicle dispatch of wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles.

service 06

SAVS simulation

We analyze transportation data, such as travel demand data, taxi dispatch records, person-trip survey data and so on, and conduct a measurement simulation of the effect of introducing SAVS. We visualize the simulation result as graphs or video etc. and provide materials to aid consideration of transportation plans.


We introduce the flow up to introduction (commercialization).

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