MiraiShare service

AI helps you streamline mobility of various services including public transportation, sightseeing, transportation to hospitals, school buses, transportation to shopping malls, logistics. Please make use of SAVS to realize streamlined, reliable and safe transportation and to improve the quality of mobility services.


Ride-hitching taxi

We provide door-to-door shared transportation services that suit your needs. Our service can be used in, for instance, arranging “last one-mile” transportation in MaaS, hailing vehicles to get to sightseeing spots or shopping malls, and dispatching cars for elderly people.


On-Demand Bus

Instead of operating buses with fixed schedules and routes, you can use our on-demand “Just-in-Time shared transportation bus operation service”, which does not require any route maps and bus schedules.


Transportation to and from facilities

We create plans for drop-offs and pick-ups from a single location to multiple locations, as well as from multiple locations to a single location.
Our service can calculate the most appropriate number of vehicles and routes depending on the number of transportation requests you receive in advance. Our service can be useful in providing shuttle transportation from/to airports and Shinkansen stations, or in creating the most appropriate plans for dispatching vehicles for passengers going to and coming back from facilities.


Records on dispatching taxis

Based on reservations made by the day before, we create pick-up and drop-off plans for taxis. We realize the most efficient car-allocation with the minimum number of taxis.


Mixed passengers

Logistics will be efficient by making vehicles run the most appropriate routes proposed by AI.
It is also possible to efficiently transport goods and passengers at the same time by loading baggage on a vehicle already occupied by a passenger, who used SAVS.


SAVS simulation

We conduct simulations to measure the effectiveness of the introduction of SAVS by analyzing transportation data such as data on transportation demand, records on dispatching taxis, data on person trip research. We provide you with resources to consider your transportation plans by visualizing the results of the simulation with graphs and videos.


The procedure from inquiry to introduction (commercialization) of our service

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