Hiragishi hire Co., Ltd.

Streamlining allocation of vehicles

Place Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-city
Period -
Time -

Vehicle Standard sized car
Passenger -
Fare -

Reasons for adopting SAVS and requests upon the introduction

Our company's motto is to give the highest priority to community-based taxi service to keep citizen's transportation running. However, we receive a lot of demand that exceeds the number of vehicles and drivers every day. As we accept reservations from citizens a few days in advance, we cannot respond to requests such as "please dispatch a vehicle from now" because all the vehicles are already reserved. This situation has led to a lost opportunity and inconvenience for customers. It is our current challenge to dispatch available vehicles efficiently and respond to the needs of more and more customers.

Things they realized by implementing SAVS after conducting verification tests

Based on reservation data in the past, we calculated order-combinations in picking up passengers by using SAVS simulation. As a result, we found out that we can decrease the number of cars allocated for reservations to less than a half. As we can now use the remaining vehicles to respond to requests such as "please dispatch a vehicle from now", we are now expanding the use of SAVS to streamline our taxi operation and receive more requests from customers.