SAVS(Smart Access Vehicle Service)

SAVS is an AI-based ride-hitching service that combines the merits of taxis (on-demand transportation) and buses (shared-transportation). Our service is flexible in time and place, and we can provide shared-transportation for those who go in the same direction. An application based on smart devices (IoT) and cloud platform conduct communication – then AI decides running routes of all the vehicles in real-time. By using this technology, we can realize optimized transportation in terms of time and place.


AI-based ride-hitching

Based on people’s requests to dispatch cars and all the vehicles’ status, AI decides upon the most efficient car-allocation and automatically gives drivers commands to pick up passengers. Decisions on car-allocation are made in real-time with ride-sharing in mind. Therefore, even when a vehicle is already carrying a passenger, it is possible to answer a new passenger’s request to dispatch a car. By using SAVS, you can decrease vehicle vacancy rates and enhance transportation efficiency to the maximum with a limited number of vehicles.

SAVS dispatch image


The effect you can expect by introducing SAVS

Shared transportation

This term comes from “General Shared Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business (Shared transportation bus business)” in Road Transportation Law. Several passengers share one vehicle after individual passengers make a request on car-allocation and make a payment. Shared transportation bus businesses include scheduled and unscheduled bus services and area bus service.


Normally, it is not allowed for taxi businesses to conduct shared transportation businesses. However, multiple passengers with different destinations can still get into a group before taking a ride and share a vehicle. To take a taxi with other passengers is called “carpooling”.

AI-based ride-hitching

SAVS improves the convenience of all the passengers and streamlines operations of all the vehicles. As a result, each vehicle will be occupied by one or more passengers for a long time. A passenger can have a vehicle to him/herself until he/she arrives at a destination, but it is also possible that multiple passengers hop on and get off at different timings. Neither the word “shared transportation” nor “carpooling” is appropriate in explaining such a service.
Therefore, we decided to refers to SAVS as AI-based ride-hitching service. Ride-hitching is to get into a vehicle already occupied by other passengers. However, ride-hitching cannot be realized if the direction you are heading to and your schedule do not match those of the other passengers. Furthermore, each passenger has a different definition over “ride-hitching”. SAVS has realized advanced ride-hitching by using AI.


Smart device
Application image

SAV app for passengers


This is an application for passengers. When you send information such as your current location, destination, and the number of passengers via this app, you instantly get a notification on your vehicle information, the car’s arrival time and so on. After confirmation of your request, you can check your vehicle’s current information on the map.

SAV app for drivers


This is an application for drivers. The map shows a vehicle’s current location, the next destination, and other planned destinations.





Basic configuration of SAVS system

① SAVS application

This is an application we have developed. If you do not need any special customization, you can use the existing SAVS as it is not necessary to develop a new application.

② Car-allocation server

This server receives data from various applications and sends appropriate data to Engine Layer. The server gathers the processing results from Engine Layer and sends that data to various applications.

③ Car-allocation calculation engine

This is a program of SAVS, which is in charge of car-allocation. Our unique AI technology is implemented in this program.

④ Simulator

SAVS simulations conducted based on various data can evaluate service standard, that is suitable for designated areas and purposes of introduction.

⑤ API linkage service

If you only need the car-allocation function of SAVS, you can implement the AI-based ride-hitching service easily by using API.