Strengthening the development promotion system of AI and ITS
Recruiting engineers to build the future of public transportation

We are recruiting IT engineers to take on the challenges of implementing an IT system that applies AI (Artificial Intelligence) to an ITS (Intelligent Transport System), eradicating the usage disparity between means of mobility, by the promulgation of SAVS, and tackling social issues such as regional construction and reduction of CO2 and congestion. We are accepting applications from engineers or students who have the following ambitions:

  • I want to reduce the inconvenience of means of transport in areas undergoing depopulation
  • I want to eradicate the worries of people who have trouble going out
  • I want to pioneer the future of the industries involved in travel and transport
  • I want to work to produce a better future society
  • I want to contribute to society through the construction of an IT system and application and analysis of data
Employment system Regular employee Contract employee Part-time employee
Work conditions Place of Work:Yokohama-city, Kanagawa/Hakodate City,Hokkaido
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, summer holiday, New Year’s holiday, other Holidays and Leave: Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays, Summer holidays, Year-end and new year holidays, etc.
Salary: Subject to discussion, in accordance with ability
Recruitment occupations Engineer work
– IT Skills:Linux, Java, Javascript, python, SQL
– Infrastructure skills: AWS, Conteiner, Docker, RDB, Network Research work
Data scientist
Data analyst
Sales consultant

For enquiries or applications relating to recruitment/employment, please contact us from the “CONTACT page”.